Many thinking individuals have come to believe that mainstream science is holding back valuable information from the public regarding the shape of the earth! However, expressing such views to friends, family and people in general have often been met with ridicule.
Using secure blockchain technology, Flat Earth Cert enables such ones to anonymously stake their claim on what they believe to be the right side of history! There are only a limited number of certs being created so get yours today!
Silver Cert Bonus Weight: None Total Weight Value: 200 Price: $9.99 USD  
Gold Cert Bonus Weight: 200 Total Weight Value: 600 Price: $19.99 USD  
Platinum Cert Bonus Weight: 1,400 Total Weight Value: 2,000 Price: $29.99 USD  
Frequently Asked Questions
  Why should I buy a cert? What's in it for me?If you are passionate about this topic, and you believe that one day the public in general will know the truth then these certs are the perfect way to prove to anyone that you were 'ahead of the curve.' We can appreciate that many believe this to be so, but due to the hostility of many they are afraid to speak up. The more certs that are purchased the more people in general will realize that the movement is gaining steam.

  What exactly are these certs?Each cert purchased is completely unique and permenantly added to the Stellar blockchain, upon purchase you will recieve your cert via email, you will also be able to print out your cert at the end of your purchase. Your cert number and ownership validation number are unique. DO NOT share your ownership validation number with anyone.

  Is this an ICO?No. Although we are using blockchain technology to create and maintain these certs, we are not using these funds to raise capital, nor should you expect these certs to increase in value, although we believe that one day they might. These certs are simply a unique product provided by our company.

  What if I change my mind? Can I get my money back?Unfortunately No. Since we are using blockchain technology, which cannot be changed, once the cert is created it cannot be changed or destroyed. Therefore we are unable to provide refunds!

  How do I know that my cert is really on the Blockchain?After purchase, you will be provided with a cert number and a secret validation number. You will be provided a link in the purchase email that you can use to validate the cert number on the blockchain.

  Can I sell my cert?Yes. Since the certs belong to you and are created on the stellar decentralized blockchain you can do whatever you want with them. In the future we may provide a guide on doing so.

  How many certs are there in total?We will sell a total of 100,000 of each cert. So 300,000 certs in total.

  Can I purchase more than one cert?Of course! Each cert is unique and valuable to those in this community. It is our hope that they will also become valuable to the rest of the world in general!

  What if I've lost my cert number? Can I get it back?Unfortunately no... Each cert is created with a unique number that is sent only to you. Do not delete the email containing the cert numbers.

  What are the differences between the gold, silver and Platinum certs?The value of each cert is determined by it's weight on the blockchain, the silver cert has a weight of 200 while platinum has a weight of 2000 hence it is more valuable.

  I made a purchase but did not receive an email?Please check your spam folder. If you still need help then please contact us at

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